Markus Ilschner

  • 2005-2008
    Qualification as media designer for images and sound with BAVARIA FILM GMBH, München
  • 2007
    Camera trainee with TV-series „Der Alte“ (The old fox)
  • 2008
    Basic Lighting Workshop (lead by Björn Kurt, DOP, BVK)
  • 2009
    Digital Filmmaking Workflows RAW: Alexa, RED (lead by Andreas Minuth, Digital Imaging Technician)
  • 2011
    Hands on Steadicam (lead by Thomas Richter, DOP)
  • 2011
    Crash Course Data Wrangler (lead by Andreas Minuth, Gregor Baumert, Digital Imaging Technician)
  • 2011
    Basic Stereo 3D Workshop (lead by Michael Laakmann, Stereographer)
  • 2012
    Colorgrading Workshop (lead by Andreas Brückl, Senior Colorist)
  • 2012
    Basic Camera Stabilizing Workshop Sachtler (lead by by Kurt O. Schaller, Steadicam Operator)
  • 2009-2012
    Second Camera Assistant
  • 2012-2016
    First Camera Assistant
  • since 2016
    freelance Director of Photography
  • 2020
    ASC Mentorship Program with mentor Paul Hughes, ASC


Movies & TV
2023 Soko Leipzig (4 Folgen) TV-Serie, ZDF, Ufa Fiction Sven Fehrensen
2023 Vogtland (AT) TV-Reihe, ZDF, Realfilm Berlin Sven Fehrensen
2022 Peaky Blinders: The Rise Trailer, 1:30min, GetShorty Agency Alex Dawe
2022 Soko Wismar TV series, 2nd Unit DP and B-camera, Realfilm for ZDF Ann-Kristin Knubben
2022 Tears of Extinction Documentation, 51min, Manoto Original for Marjan Television Network Jon Parker
2022 Newsies: The Musical Musical Trailer, 1:00min, Get Shorty Agency Alex Dawe
2022 The Discarded short film, animation+live action, 2:50min, Uli Meyer Studios Uli Meyer
2021 Blenheim Palace exhibition film, 6x1min, Outfilming for ATS heritage trust Ben Norton
2021 Hold my Hand short film, 12min, 136films, Jewish Film Festival 2021 Dean Marriott
2021 Wake up with the Wards TV Pilot, 45min, Stories are us +QPUK Tyson Joseph
2021 Elevator Pitch short film, 15min, London Film School Lyndon Henley-Hanrahan
2021 Man like Pleaser TV Pilot, 25min, Stories are us+Get shorty Tyson Joseph
2021 BBC Dr. Who: Time Fracture Trailer, 1:30min, QPUK Alex Dawe
2020 Death and a Salesman short film, 14min Thomas Elders
2020 Billy No-Mates: Hippie Elite music video clip, 3:22 min Robin Lee
2019 Black Gold Documentation, 75min, Manoto Original for Marjan Television Network Jon Parker
2019 One-Way Glass short film, 15min, London Film School Nauman Khalid
2018 Green Desert Documentation, 75min, Manoto Original for Marjan Television Network Jon Parker
2018 The Crown S3E8 B-camera Operator (Dailies) Samuel Donovan
2017 Friedenshöhe short film, 19min, First Grade Studios Josephine Ehlert
2017 Hello Sunshine short film, 20min, AlbieProductions Luke J. Albert
2016 Redcon-1 Independent cine film, 2nd Unit and B-camera, Apocalypse Pictures C.-K. Cheung
2015 Hand of the Creator Independent cine film, 2nd Unit DP 16mm B&W Film Odilon Rocha
2014 Schattenwald cine film, 88min, LeBogFilm Laura Thies